3D Modelling

Our design team can create 3D models of components or systems from 2D profiles, physical examples, arrangements or provided sketches. We can work within a number of design packages to provide the compatibility you require. 3D models have proven effective to us in the past for the identification and resolution of interferences and conflicts. We also use solid modelling for more accurate weight estimations.
(Modelling inquiries need not be limited to marine use)

Hull Take-off's & Lines Plans

Working from an existing hull or mold, we can generate a hull model and/or lines plans. Accurate hull models can be used for stability analysis, sister ship designs, or for the investigation of modifications. Generation of hull models from an existing vessel or mold will require suitable dry-land access.

Visualization Services

From a 3D model, we can produce quality renderings and animations. Through our St. John's office, we can also provide lofted prints, CNC cut members, scale-model framing, or scale-model molds. More detailed built models may be accommodated upon special request. When requesting visualization services, please specify the level of detail required; we can provide everything from draft quality to near photo-realistic.