Preliminary Designs

Having a new vessel designed and built can be an expensive & laborious process. Not sure where to start? Neely-Chaulk & Associates provide early design services to help you get your bearings. Our preliminary design services range from feasibility studies to contract bid packages.

Parametric Analysis

Utilizing our databases of existing designs, basic parameters of an unknown vessel can be estimated through parametric and sensitivity analysis. Through careful selection of parameters and educated analysis of resulting trends, the feasibility of a desired vessel can be ascertained. In this manner, we can rapidly produce and compare concept designs for your requirements.

Space Allocation

Where more detailed arrangement, visualization, or estimation is required, a space allocated design can be produced. Particulars can be derived from previous analysis (as per above), by modification of a parent hull/sister ship, or from scratch. With a working understanding of the likely capacities, capabilities, and constraints of a given design. At this level of development, we provide the data necessary for a properly informed project approval to be made.

Contract Packages

Know what you want? A full contract bid package includes functional analysis of stability, structure, propulsion, efficiency, lifecycle costs, regulatory compliance, et. al. The resulting specifications, drawings, and arrangements will be suitable for tendering to subcontractors & shipyards for construction.
N.B.: This level of design is particularly resource intensive, and will be subject to available resources. For moderate or larger vessels, we offer owners representation services.

Design Review

For a given requirement, there will almost always be a broad spectrum of solutions. We work closely with our clients - ensuring the functional and aesthetic elements of a design are best suited to not just their needs, but their desires & sensibilities. Have a design already? Neely-Chaulk & Associates provides comprehensive and confidential review services, ranging from 'second opinions' to technical verification.