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Acme Class

USS Acme at sea

The Acme class is a US Navy class of minesweeper consisting of four vessels built between 1955 and 1956. Two of these vessels served into the 1990s, including the 1991 Gulf War (the other two were stricken in the 1970s).



The Acme class were ocean-going minesweeping vessels. Efforts were made to minimize the magnetic signature of the hull, which were wooden. Non-ferrous fittings were used were possible (i.e., bronze in place of steel, aluminum engine blocks).

Principal Particulars


  1. MSO-508 USS Acme (1955)
  2. MSO-509 USS Adroit (1955)
  3. MSO-510 USS Advance (1956)
  4. MSO-511 USS Affray (1956)
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