Bangor class

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Bangor Class

J 00 HMS Bangor, lead of class

The Bangor class was a series of minesweepers designed to fill an urgent need for coastal minesweeping. These smaller, low-displacement vessels were designed to be built at inland shipyards, with non-naval or limited marine experience, with a purpose to deny the ability of submarine launched mines from closing off secondary ports. 128 vessels would be built in all, serving with the Royal Navy, Royal Canadian Navy, and Royal Indian Navy during World War Two.

The Bangor class was also known as the Blyth class (when fitted with steam cylinder engines) and the Ardrossan class (when fitted with steam turbine engines); Bangor class vessels themselves were diesel engined. Additionally, Canadian yards would build 41 Algerine class based off the Bangor class, and the Australians had built 60 Bathurst class which shared a common history with the Bangors.

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