Boat deck

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Boat Deck

A boat deck is the deck of a vessel were the lifeboats, liferafts, FRC, work boats, or similar are predominately stored. Due to the typical size of a vessels boats, particularly on passenger ships, they often take up a considerable amount of space. For larger davit installations (such as hinged-frames), one or two decks above will need to be cut away to allow adequate clearance.

As the boat deck is a convenient location for muster stations, care should be given to ensure adequate emergency lighting and clear access paths are available. Ample room should be available for gathering and embarkation.

Boat decks tend to be high above the waterline, near the belt of modern cruise ships and the uppermost deck on traditional ocean liners. On liners in particular, these open decks with clear side-to-side access are often used as promenade decks, or partially enclosed between boat strings as shelter decks.

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