Bredford Dolphin

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Bredford Dolphin

The Bredford Dolphin is an Aker H3 semisubmerisble drill rig currently owned by Fred Olsen Energy ASA. It was built in 1976 by Remontowa SA in Gdansk, Poland. It was originally known as Bredford Dolphin (1976-1981), which changed to Bow Drill 1 (1981-1983), Bow Drill One (1983-1989), Sea Drill One (1989-1990), Treasure Seeker (1990-1996), and FPS Bill Shoemaker (1996-2000) before its' current moniker.

It has particular importance to the Newfoundland offshore industry, where it drilled in the Bonne Bay area[1] before being laid up in Long Harbour. The rig underwent major upgrades in 2007. It is currently drilling in the North Sea Jetta prospect [2].




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