Bridge wings

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Bridge Wings

Prominent bridge wings on the Caribbean Princess

Bridge wings are horizontal extensions from the bridge (or pilot house), extending significantly outboard. The wings function is to provide visibility along the ships side for docking purposes, or as an accessible observation platform.



The bridge wings location far outboard the vessel makes an ideal location for some items of outfit: searchlights, navigation lights, and life rings. Vessel name placards are sometimes placed outboard on the wing. Smaller antenna may be fitted as well. On Naval vessels, the bridge wings may be fitted with small arm or machine gun mounts.

Design Considerations

  • May be required by regulations
  • May include remote rudder, throttle, and thruster controls
  • If grating is not used, a segment of glass floor may be fitted
  • Overall breadth may be a clearance issue with some docking facilities.
  • Bridge wings, being close to the bridge (which is always manned), and generally projecting from the ship, are ideal observation platforms.


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