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The COSLRival is an Aker H3 semisubmerisble accomodations rig, built as Borgila Dolphin in Japan, delivered in August 1976. The following was the re-build at Blom-Voss[1] Before commencing the Norsk Hydro contract at Oseberg, the rig stayed at Oseberg from 1998 until 2003. The existing accommodation facilities were removed down to bare steel to enable a new layout for 48 persons in 2-men cabins with sanitary facilities. 38 persons were accommodated in a new containerised living quarter. A 600 ton stiffleg crane had to be removed. This position was used to install the telescopic gangway with access tower and lay-down rack. Four new anchor winches for 76 mm K4 chains were installed to enable 12-point mooring of the rig. The remaining winches were overhauled and modified for double-brake system, emergency release including comprehensive hydr. pipe work and cabling hooked up. In 2003 - 2004 the rig underwent a major re-build to be converted into a flotel, this was done at Gdansk Remontowa.


  • Callsign (original): LFPG - LFDU
  • Length:355.0'
  • Breadth:221.0'
  • Depth:120.0'
  • Gross:7.64
  • Net:4.587
  • Built: 1976 at Mitsui S.B. & Eng.Co.Ltd., Tamano, Japan; delivered: August 1976
  • Delivery number:409


  • 8/1976: Fred Olsen & Co.,Oslo "BORGILA DOLPHIN"
  • 8/1978: P/R Borgila Dolphin Partners(Fred Olsen& Co) Oslo
  • 2/1980: Name Changed to "HUACABIL DELFIN"
  • 3/1986: PRBD S.A.& Brown & Root Inc(Fred Olsen & Co)Panama"HUACABIL DELFIN"
  • 12/1991: K/S Borgila Dolphin(Fred Olsen & Co)Oslo "BORGILA DOLPHIN"
  • /1994: K/S Borgila Dolphin II(Fred Olsen & Co)Oslo
  • /1997: Fred Olsen Drilling A/S(Fred Olsen & Co)Oslo
  • 3/1999: Fred Olsen Drilling A/S(Fred Olsen Energy ASA)Oslo
  • 6/2003: Wilhelmsen Oil & Gas A/S(Awilco A/S)Nassau,Bahamas "PORT REVAL"
  • 06/2009: COSL Drilling Europe, Nassau Bahamas "COSLRival"

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