Chief Commanda II

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Chief Commanda II

The Chief

MV Chief Commanda II is a catamaran passenger vessel operating on Lake Nipissing, North Bay, Ontario, Canada. The Chief replaced the Chief Commanda (or The Old Chief) in service in 1974, where it has operated since. The New Chief operates as a tourist vessel, as well as servicing the lake-access communities of the French River.


Construction & Design

The vessel is built of all-aluminum; at the time of delivery, it was the first all-aluminum passenger vessel in Canada. The two hulls are shallow-V, double chined, with modest forward sheer, and are crossed by a low deck. Propulsion is provided by four Volvo diesels, each driving a shaft & propeller, and fitted with wet exhaust systems. The keels are extended aft into small skegs. The deckhouse has two full-breadth passenger levels, 180 degrees of window views, and passenger amenities (bar, washrooms, restaurant). Both lower decks have exterior passageways fully around. The top level is an open deck, with a forward wheelhouse and flume tanks. The lower deck is wheelchair accessible.


Passing a rock cut

The vessel sails from Government Wharf, North Bay. Tour lengths vary from about 1-4 hours. The vessel operates in the shallow waters of Lake Nipissing's north shore, as well as the confined riverine passes of the south shore. In winter, the vessel is stored on a slip in Callander Bay.

Principal Particulars


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