Coefficients of Form

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Coefficients of Form

Coefficients of form are dimensionless quantities used to relate the general shape of a ships hull through ratio's.


Block Coefficient (Cb)

The block coefficient is the ratio of underwater area divided by the multiplication of the maximum waterline length, breadth and draught. It is an indication of hull fullness. In formula form it can be written as Cb= ∇/LBT

Prismatic Coefficient (Cp)

The prismatic coefficient is the underwater area, divided by the area of a midship section, times the length of the ship. It is an indication of hull fineness, and may be broken down into fore & aft components.This formula can be written as Cp= ∇/AmL

Midship Sectional Coefficient (Cm)

The midship sectional coefficient is the multiplication of waterline breadth and draught divided by the area below the waterline of the midship section. This formula may be written as Cm= Am/BT

Waterplane Area Coefficient (Cw)

The waterplane area coefficient is the waterplane area divided by the length x the breadth.

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