Dai Hung I

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Dai Hung I

The Dai Hung I is an Aker H3 semisubmerisble drill rig owned by Dai Hung Inc. It was built in 1974 at Aker's Bergen, Norway yard. It was originally known as the Deepsea Saga (1974-1983) and Deepsea Pioneer (1983-199(4?)) before its' current moniker. It is currently operated by Petrobras on the Dai Hung field, in Vietnam.




  • Helipad: 18.5m x 18.5m
  • Cranes: 2 x 42-tonne National pedestal


  • 40,000 barrels per day crude oil processing
  • 60,000 barrels per day water injection
  • 21,800 barrels per day water extraction
  • 55.0 MM cubic feet per day nautral gas

Weather Restrictions


  • In 1984, the Deepsea Saga underwent 6 months of upgrades totalling £19 mil. This included a £5 mil. gas lift installation, and new gas turbines. The upgrades were undertaken by Hamilton Bros Oil & Gas Ltd after their 1983 purchase; the upgrades were intended for operations on the Argyll field. After this upgrade, the rig (now a floating production unit (FPU)) was renamed Deepsea Pioneer.
  • Between 1994 & 1995, Deepsea Pioneer underwent upgrades in Singapore, including the capability to pump from six wells.
  • Between Jan.31 & Feb. 28, 2004, the heavy lift ship Blue Marlin drydocked the Dai Hung I, as local Vietnam yards lacked sufficient capacity.


  • Sometimes confused with the North Sea Pioneer, which is often considered the first FPU (1975). At the time, Dai Hung I was known as Deepsea Saga & would not undergo FPU conversion until 1984.
  • Dai Hung I was the first FPU to be used in Vietnamese waters.


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