Deepwater Nautilus

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Deepwater Nautilus

The Deepwater Nautilus is a R&B Falcon RBS-8M 5th generation deepwater semisubmersible drill rig designed to operate in harsh conditions. The design had been upgraded from 6,000ft to 8,000ft, and as such was originally known as RBS-6M. She was the first, and is the only remaining, of her class after the loss of the Deepwater Horizon (a similar design with dynamic positioning capabilities).


Principal Particulars

Deck Heights

From baseline, prominent heights are as follows:

  • Navigational depth: 4.99m below baseline (bottom of thrusters, when deployed)
  • Thruster Equipment room Flats: 5.12m, one per column
  • Top of Pontoon: 9.1m
  • Top of Column: 33.0m
  • Top of Platform: 34.5m
  • Top of First Tier: 38.0m
  • Top of Second Tier: 41.5m (main deck at side), 41.85m (main deck at centreline)
  • Top of Third Tier: 46.0m (drill floor)
  • Helicopter Platform: 48.0m
  • Top of Forth Tier: 53.0m
  • Racking Board: 70.0m
  • Crown Block: 101.0m
  • Top of Derrick/Extreme: 106.0m


As built, the Deepwater Nautilus was fitted with only two thrusters, placed across corners from eachother. The rig was however designed to be able to take two additional thrusters as a future upgrade. There are also a number of saltwater ballast tanks which could potentially be converted to chainlockers. This provides a clear retrofit path between the RBS-8M and RBS-8D. The Nautilus is equipped with 8 high-holding power 18 tonne anchors, two per column. When laid out in the standard configuration, 610m of 90mm chain and 4.42 km of 95mm wire are used per anchor.

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