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Deepwater Horizon

The deepwater horizon is a 5th generation semisubmerisble deepwater drilling rig designed to operate in harsh conditions. The vessel is designed to operate at a water depth of 8,000 ft but can be upgraded to a depth of 10,000 ft. She is the second of two in her class, although her sister ship, the Deepwater Nautilus uses fixed moorings rather than dynamic positioning.


Principal Particulars


  • Liquid Mud: 4,435 bbls, 24900 cu ft, 705 cu m
  • Drill Water: 13076 bbls, 73415 cu ft, 2078 cu m
  • Potable Water: 7456 bbls, 41862 cu ft, 1185 cu m
  • Fuel Oil: 27855 bbls, 156,392 cu ft, 4426 cu m
  • Bulk Mud: 13,625 cu ft, 386 cu m
  • Bulk Cement: 8,175 cu ft, 231 cu m
  • Sack Material: 10,000 sacks
  • Accommodations: 130 persons

Drilling Equipment

  • Derrick: Dreco 242 ft x 48 ft x 48 ft, 2000 kips GNC
  • Draw works: Hitec active heave compensating drawworks, 6900 hp rated input power continuous, 2in drilling line
  • Motion Compensator: Hitec ASA Active Heave Compensator, 13.7 ft stroke, 500 st operating, 1000 st locked
  • Top Drive: Varco TDS-8S, 750 st, 1150 hp with PH-100 pipe handler
  • Rotary Table: Varco RST, 60.5in opening, 1000 st
  • Pipe Handling: 2 x Varco PRS-6i Pipe Packers; Varco AR-3200 Iron Roughneck
  • Mud Pumps: 4 x Continental Emsco FC-2200, 7500 psi
  • Shale Shakers: 7 x Brandt LCM-2D CS linear motion / cascading shakers
  • Desander: 2 x Brandt SRS-3 with 6 x 12in cones
  • BOP: 2 x Cameron Type TL 18¾in 15K double preventers; 1 x Cameron Type TL 18¾in 15K single preventer; 1 x Cameron DWHC 18¾in *15K wellhead connector
  • Diverter: Hydril 60 with 21¼in max bore size, 500 psi WP and 18in flowline and two outlets
  • Control System: Cameron Multiplex Control System
  • Risers: Vetco HMF-Classs H 21in OD riser; 90 ft long joints with C&K and booster and hydraulic supply lines
  • Tensioners: 6 x Hydralift Inline, 50f t stroke, 800 kips each
  • Choke & Kill: Stewart & Stevenson 3-1/16in, 15K, with 2 x adjustable chokes and 2 x hydraulic power chokes
  • Cementing: Halliburton (third party equipment)


  • Main Power: 6 x Wartsila 18V32 rated 9775 hp each, driving 6 x ABB AMG 0900xU10 7000 kW 11,000 volts AC generators
  • Emergency Power: 1 x Caterpillar 3408 DITA driving 1 x Caterpillar SR4 370 kW 480 volts AC generator
  • Power Distribution: 8 x ABB Sami-Megastar Thruster Drives, 5.5 MW and 6 x GE Drilling Drive Lineups 600 V 12 MW
  • Deck Cranes: 2 x Liebherr, 150 ft boom, 80 mt @ 35 ft
  • Thrusters: 8 x Kamewa rated 7375 hp each, fixed propeller, full 360 deg azimuth


Since arriving in the Gulf of Mexico, Deepwater Horizon was under contract to BP Exploration. Her work included wells in the Atlantis and Thunderhorse fields, a 2006 discovery in the Kaskida field, and the 2009 Tiber exploration wells.

The Deepwater Horizon was last located in the Gulf of Mexico about 250 miles south of Houston, Texas, drilling on the Tiber well, on a joint project for BP Conoco Phillips, Chevron and Petrobras. This well is said to be the deepest well ever drilled, and was expected to rival some of the largest domestic oil reserves in Alaska's Prudhoe Bay.


The Deepwater Horizon is attended by standby vessels

The Deepwater Horizon sunk on April 22, 2010 after burning for two days. 30 ships responded in an attempt to save the rig. 11 crew were unaccounted for, and believed to have been working in the area of the explosion believed to have caused the rigs loss.

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