Dining saloon

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Dining Saloon

The dining saloon is a public space on board a passenger ship which provides food and dining for the passengers. The dining room is typically adjacent to the ships galley and located on the weather deck towards the vessels stern. The level of appointment of the dining saloon should be appropriate for the quantity and expectations of the embarked passengers, however passenger comfort expectations are typically higher than a crew might expect in an associated mess. As such;

  • Passengers should have clear views to the horizon on atleast one side, preferably two or more, to minimize sea sickness.
  • Seating should be arranged to maximize sight lines (i.e., not facing into a pillar or bulkhead if possible).
  • For larger vessels, nursery and family services should be provided nearby.
  • Alcohol serving options should be seperate from general dining, see lounge.
  • Consideration should be given to the flow of people from accommodations, through food lines or for clear server access, and egress from the space.
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