Downflooding ducts

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Downflooding Duct

A downflooding duct or downflood scupper valves are valves which open automatically when subjected to a head of water above. Downflooding ducts are fitted to upper decks to automatically drain water, such as from fire fighting systems or flooding, into the ships bilges were it may be pumped overboard. While this poses the danger of increasing the extent of external flooding on upper decks into the lower spaces (such as may have happened on the MS Explorer), it helps alleviate the developed free surface effect and lowers the VCG of the ingressed water (the combination of these effects can sink a vessel within minutes, see MS Herald of Free Enterprise).

See Also

  • Deck drain, Scuppers for exterior drains. In zero-discharge vessels, these may drain into a holding tank (as opposed to the bilges).
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