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A driftboat is a small vessel typically constructed of wood, aluminium, or composite materials. Driftboats are usually unpowered and only kept on course by the efforts of a single rower. Driftboats are launched upstream into a river and are pushed downstream by the rivers flow. For being a rather simplistic craft there are some very important features that distinguish one from another. The height of the gunwale plays a role in how easy it is to fish from and how easy it is to row, and rocker in the bottom of the craft play an important role in how well the vessel handles.


Driftboats are very common on the West Coast of the United States and Canada and many of the manufacturers are located in this general area.

  • Hyde Driftboats
  • Willie Boats
  • Clackacraft Driftboats
  • RO Driftboats
  • McKenzie River Driftboats
  • Koffler Boats
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