Drydock Booking Process

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Drydock Booking Process

The drydock booking process is the procedure by which a dry dock and a ship owner come to an agreement as to when, where, how a vessel will be dry docked, why, and at what cost.


Request for Quote

When a vessel needs to be drydocked, the ships owner will put out a request for quote to drydock facilities. This quote is generally handled by the ship repair offices, in larger facilities this is independent from a shipyards main office. The initial selection of docks who receive the bid may be purely geographical in nature, those docks which are closest to the vessels route at the time it needs servicing. Included;

  • Particulars of the ship
  • Scope of repairs, or inspections, required
  • Ship availability

Yard Bids

If the yard has the facilities and availability to meet the request, the yard replies to the bid with an offer. This includes support services (i.e., arranging inspector visits) and specific repairs and dates. The docks estimation office is critical to the docks viability in this regard.


Once agreed upon, a firm schedule is setup for the dock and vessel. An important consideration is the condition of the vessel at the time of docking: the vessel may not have a docking plan, or may not be able to arrive in the intended docking condition. The drydocking procedure and keel blocks must be suitable to the vessel and the capacity of the drydock.

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