Environmental concerns

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Air pollution

Environmental Concerns

Enivironmental concerns are increasingly becoming design points as owners desire more green ships for their fleet. While large ships tend to burn relatively unclean heavy fuel oil, HFO powered low-speed diesel engines are amongst the most efficient thermal engines in the world, and the large volume of carriage makes ships a relatively low polluter per-tonne. Many methodologies for decreasing pollutant output are aimed at increased efficiency, which has traditionally been a major design goal of naval architects. There still remains room for improvement, however, and hydrocarbon consumption is not the only contributer to environmental damage.

Environmental Factors

  • Anti-fouling
  • Ballast water transferal
  • Impacts/propeller collisions with sealife
  • Shipping routes & migratory patterns
  • Hydrocarbon emissions
  • Overboard discharges
  • Sinkings
  • Loss of cargoes
  • End of life shipbreaking
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