Escort heel

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Escort Heel

Escort heel is a heel induced on a vessel by escort operations. A number of heeling moments are imposed on an escorting vessel;

  • The forward speed of the escorted vessel through the tow line
  • A reaction moment of the hull and any appendages with appreciable lateral area
  • A reaction moment from the use of thrusters and propulsors to provide the braking and steering forces.

Escort heel has proven difficult to impossible to calculate by first principle methods, primarily due to the hydrodynamic effects of the seaway on the hull. A significant additional force will be imposed by the 'build-up' of water on the side of the escorting ship in the direction of travel, as well as by the trough on the lee side. While numerical methods, such as CFD or equilibrium methods simulating wave trains can be applied, model testing, regression analysis of standard series, or sea trials are preferred.

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