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A faired stern

A faired hull or appendage is one whose lines are considered right or nice. This is an asthetic value, generally consistent with a smooth transition of form. Well-faired hulls generally promote smooth flow into the propellers, and take mirror-finishes without rippling or distortion.



  • Hump: An outwardly deviant projection on the surface
  • Hollow: An inwardly deviant projection on the surface
  • Fairing: The process of making fair, i.e., sanding by longboard

How to Fair a Hull

Fairing a Hull Shape

  • By battons
  • By standard curves
  • By hull modelling software

Fairing a Hull

  • Sighting
  • Removing humps
  • Filling hollows
  • Sanding/longboarding

Measures of Fairness

  • Curvature graphs
  • Porcupine curves
  • Zebra-stripes
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