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Fo'c'sle Deck

The fo'c'sle deck, or forecastle deck, is a raised deck at the bow of a vessel. Traditionally, this was a built up section forward of the mast, or foremast, used for combat and counter-boarding purposes. In modern times, the fo'c'sle deck is typically only a single deck extending midway or to the end of the superstructure. The modern fo'c'sle deck is typically used to house crew (with officers in the superstructure) and common/utility rooms, with a rope store/bosun store in the forepeak. Fo'c'sle decks increase the bow height, generally increasing seaworthiness of the vessel and reducing green water shipped. In this manner, fo'c'sle decks can be used together with, to reduce, or to eliminate sheer. For vessels which operate in demanding environments, the fo'c'sle deck may be a form of shelter deck used to enclose and protect deck machinery related to mooring.

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