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GHS screenshot

GHS is a comprehensive tool for the evaluation of ship stability. GHS uses section-based models in the .GFx format to import hull geometry. It additionally accepts windage (sail area), tankage, appendages, hull deductions (such as thruster tunnels or seaboxes), critical points, specific gravities and measurement units within its model files. The model files are text-based sequential points, allowing for manual troubleshooting where needed. Many programs export to the .GFx format, including Rhino and AutoShip.

Analysis capabilities includes basic hydrostatics (draught, trim, heel) as well advanced considerations of free surface effect, heeling moments, damaged stability (including IMO probabilistic calculations), floodable lengths, grounding, cargo shifts, crane loads/dropping, etc., though some of these calculations require additional packages (from Creative Systems, Inc.).

Generally, scripts known as "run files", with the extension .run or .rf, are used to evaluate vessels. They consist of a series of commands, as would be typed into GHS. Output can be on the screen or printer, but generally is sent to a report file (which is setup in the run file). The report files can be viewed with any text editor, though they may contain graphs which will show as a series of points (unless viewed with the GHS report viewer).

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