GSF Grand Banks

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GSF Grand Banks

The GSF Grand Banks is an Aker H3.2 semisubmerisble drill rig currently owned by Transocean (though the GSF refers to GlobalSanteFe). It was built in 1984 by St. John Shipbuilding, Canada. It was originally known as the Bow Drill 3 (1984-1988), which changed to Maersk Vinlander (1988-1998) and Glomar Grand Banks (1998-2004) before its' current moniker.

It has particular importance to the Newfoundland offshore industry, where it drills alongside the Henry Goodridge. It had drilled and located oil in the Hebron field in 1998, and more recently in the White Rose field. Currently, it is drilling for Husky on the North Amethyst project[1].




  • Drilling Derrick: Derrick Services UK Ltd. (49m H x 12m), 590 tonne setback capacity, 12 lines
  • Drawworks: National-Oilwell 1625 DE (2,700 horsepower, three GE 752 DC drive motors) with a Baylor Elmegco 7838 auxiliary electric brake
  • Rotary table: National Oilwell C-495 (49.5"), driven by a GE 752 DC motor, two-speed gearbox
  • Top drive: Maritime Hydraulics DDM-650-HY-C-350-H (650 short tons), 45,000 ft-lb continous drilling rating
  • Motion Compensator: Maritime Hydraulics CMC Type CBC 770-20 Compensator, 300 short-tons
  • BOP System: 2 x 8.75" CIW 15,000psi double, 1 x 18.75" 10,000psi spherical
  • Mud pumps: Three National-Oilwell 12-P-160 (1,600 hp, each driven by two GE 752 DC motors) triplex pumps rated at 5,000 psi
  • Lifting devices: 2 x 50-ton cranes, 36 meter outreach
  • Pipe Handling: BJ Racker
  • Helipad: 25m octagonal landing pad, certified for up to 9.3t and single-rotor diameters to 22.2m


  • Apr. 4, 2005 - 26 barrels of synthetic based drilling mud were spilt[2], causing an immediate but temporary halt to operations.
  • Apr. 8, 2005 - A United States missile test was postponed after plans were made to tow the GSF Grand Banks away from the anticipated debris area[3].
  • Mar. 12, 2009 - Flight 491, a Cougar Helicopter Sikorsky S-92-A, crashes into the ocean, grounding the Newfoundland offshore helicopter fleet. GSF Grand Banks crew changes were performed by offshore supply vessel until May 18th, 2009 [4].

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