Landing craft

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Landing craft loading
Landing craft with spuds and a tractor aboard being used to repair a bulkhead in West Seattle

Landing Craft

Landing craft are vessels capable of disembarking passengers or vehicles directly to shore. This vessel type developed from the wartime requirement of nations to develop a rapid, large scale amphibious capability, however surplus landing craft have also found their way into civilian use as small transport craft.

Design Considerations

Landing craft require a shallow draught in order to get close to the beach, as well as the facilities for rapid unloading. Amphibious operations are, by nature, risky ventures; as such, landing crafts must also provide some level of protection for the cargo, while beinging somewhat expendible. Early vessels were wooden boats, adapted from tenders or swamp boats. In the post-war years, they were steel ships with full hull forms (block coefficients upto 1.0).

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