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The Matthew was a caravel sailed by John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) from Bristol, England to Newfoundland and back in 1497. There is some controversy as to the exact dates, sizes, and names of this historical venture because there is no clear records that exist. Although it is known that Cabot reached Newfoundland it is unclear as to whether or not it was St. John's, Bonavista, or elsewhere where he landed. The name of the vessel is a controversial subject among many as well, many believe the name of the vessel to be Mattea, named for Cabot's wife.


In 1996 a replica of the Matthew was constructed to celebrate the 500 year anniversary of Cabot's journey, she was then sailed along the same route and greeted in Bonavista by Queen Elizabeth II, and throngs of onlookers. As exact dimensions of the original vessel were not available the replica is merely a best guess as to what Cabot's vessel may have been.

Principal Particulars

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