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Narciki Offshore Oil & Gas

The Narciki Offshore Portal is dedicated to the organization of information on Narciki regarding offshore oil. Currently, the offshore oil pages bring in the most hits to Narciki; most notably, the Aker H3 page (and the related rigs). We've now managed to identify all 37 H3 rigs, with the individual rig pages now started to fill out. The Narciki offshore oil entries have some focuses;

Rig Types

Rig Histories and Comparisons

Individual Rig Series

Individual Rigs

Rig Equipment

  • Rotary table
  • Similar. Need to flesh out the entire drill string.

Rig Environments

  • Geological descriptions of ground types
  • Explaination of deep water, harsh environments, fog, ice, wind, etc. conditions

Rig Operations

  • Job descriptions (oiler, etc.)
  • Owners, rig-rates
  • Transportation


  • Common classifications, i.e., DNV & CCS
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