Newfoundland small fishing vessel

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Newfoundland Small Fishing Vessel

A Newfoundland small fishing vessel is a fishing vessel designed to operate in the waters surrounding Newfoundland, Canada, which falls under Transport Canada STAB-4 regulations when built. While this definition encompasses any number of smaller open boats, such as dories, this article focuses on rule-beaters - those vessels attempting to maximize vessel utility while meeting cubic & length limitations[1].


Department of Fisheries and Oceans

  • Vessel replacement regulations
  • Cubic rules
  • Length limitations
  • Licenses

Transport Canada

  • STAB-4 vs. STAB-5

Typical Design Features & Historical Progression

  • Increasing height over time
  • Construction methods
  • L/B ratio's, bulbous bows, transom sterns, shelter decks, etc.


  • Limitations of hull-forms
  • Openings
  • Loading & Operations
  • Examples, i.e., Ryan's Commander


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