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Flag of Norway

Marine Industry in Norway


Naval Architecture


Norway's shipbuilding industry is primarily focused on offshore oil (in 2006, making up 85% of ships on order[1]).

Flag State

Flag state regulations and enforcement are provided by Norwegian Maritime Directorate. Norway maintains three principal ship registers; the Norwegian Ship Register is for domestic vessels 15m & longer, the Norwegian International Shipping Register is for vessels trading internationally (considered a flag of convenience, it is less stringent in requirements), and the Norwegian Shipbuilding Register for vessels under construction in Norway.

Seas and Shipping

Norway's borders are predominately along the North Sea, Norwegian Sea, and the Skagerrak Straight (entrance to the Baltic Sea). Norway also possesses a number of islands. Norway has been a leader in harsh-environment subsea offshore oil recovery. Norway is also the worlds 2nd largest exporter of seafood. Shipbuilding & shipping are two of Norway's largest economic sectors.

Research, Development & Education

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