Podded propulsion

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Podded Propulsion

Podded propulsion refers to the mounting of a vessels propulsors in hydrodynamically fair appendages. The pods themselves may be fixed or azimuthing. Generally, podded propulsors consist of an electric motor mounted in an azimuthing pod (i.e., Azipod or Mermaid drives).



  • Shorter drivelines (entirely within pod)
  • Reduced number of bearings
  • Elimination of stuffing box, stern seals
  • More interior space
  • Efficient cooling of electric motors (direct seawater)
  • Where forward facing, better propeller immersion & flow


  • May require extensive scalloping of hull to maintain propeller area within hull envelope
  • Limitations on power output
  • Pod seals critical, larger pods have seen early wear issues

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