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The RBS-8D/RBS-8M are 5th generation offshore oil rigs designed by R&B Falcon Corporation. Two units have been constructed so far, both by Hyundai Heavy Industries, with contract prices (including mobilization) in the $310 million range. The vessels are harsh-weather, deep water rigs (8,000-10,000 feet).



The name stands for;

  1. R - Reading
  2. B - Bates
  3. S - Semisubmersible?
  4. -
  5. 8 - 8,000 ft. operating depth; formally designated RBS-6 for 6,000 ft.
  6. D - D for Dynamically Positioned?, M for moored?


The RBS-8D design consists of an 4-column, dual pontoon unit. The columns are distinctly arched inward to the rig deck, with prominent shoulders, narrowing near the top. The pontoons are blunt with lengths comparable to the length of the deck. The drill rig is located about the centre of the rig deck. Between the columns, there are smaller lateral braces aligned to the underside of the pontoons.


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