Tonnes per centimetre

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Tonnes per Centimetre

Tonnes per centimetre (TPC) is a measure of the amount of mass, in tonnes, which is be required to change a vessels draught by one centimetre. The value of TPC is not static, it varies with a vessels condition of load. TPC can be calculated if the waterplane area (WPA) and water density (ρ) are known;

TPC = (WPA ÷ 100) x ρ

Typically, TPC's are expressed in salt water; however, salinities at a port of loading/unloading can vary. To adjust the TPC to match local conditions, we can multiply the original TPC by the ratio of water densities between the original measure and the ports location:

TPCport = TPCoriginal x (ρport ÷ ρoriginal)
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