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Stability, Subdivision, and Load Line Standards (TP 7301)

TP 7301 is a document issued by the Canadian Coast Guard's ship safety branch describing criteria Transport Canada requires for approval of stability booklets, load line evaluation, and damage states.



The document was developed by the Department of Transport's Board of Steamship Inspection, as per the Canada Shipping Act. The majority of direction is based on IMO resolutions to which Canada has ratified.


The standards were first published in 1975. As of December, 2011 the most recent published version is amendment 21 (September 1989). Note, however ship safety bulletin No. 05/2007 has increased minimum passenger weights to 75kg (summer, not including effects, see links below for more details).


TP 7301 is organized into 8 broad sections, STAB 1 through STAB 8, each dealing with data to be submitted for approval, or requirements of particular vessel types .

Using TP-7301

When applying Canadian regulations to a vessel, it is often the case that a condition of load which should be applied lacks any requirements by TP-7301. It is generally acceptable to thus apply a recognized standard, such as ISO, IMO or IACS, which covers the situation in question.

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