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University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia offers a naval architecture option to its Mechanical Engineering degree, consisting of five elective courses between the third and fourth year. In the senior level courses, class sizes tend to be small, with a high instructor to student ratio facilitating project based learning. Formally, Tow tank facilities at the nearby ocean engineering centre were used by naval architect students for model testing in their fourth year, however it has since been replaced by condominiums.



In addition to the requirements of the engineering program, the following electives form the naval architecture option;

Third Year

Fourth Year

  • ME443 - Experimental Naval Architecture - Model testing
  • ME442 - Ship Structure Design
  • ME441 - Computer Aided Ship Design - Along with ME442, represented by group projects.


Student projects include the development of a bulbous bow for a car ferry, and designing a modern structural arrangement for the RMS Titanic.

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