Vizon-SciTek Ocean Engineering Centre

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Vizon-SciTek Ocean Engineering Centre

The Ocean Engineering Centre was adjoined to the BC Research building near the University of British Columbia campus. The centre provided ergonomic consultation, wave modelling for the motion picture industry, and tow tank testing for both the unversity and external clients. This facility was replaced by a residential/commercial development in the mid to late 2010's.


  • Shallow water tow tank - 67m x 3.7m, with a carriage speed of ~ 12 knots (6 m/s). The carriage is equipped with a 16-channel data acquisition system.
  • Wave basin - 30.5 meters x 26.5 meters x 2.4 meters; with underwater viewing windows. Wavemaker is 32 ton, flap-type.
  • Maneuvering basin

External links

  • 'SaveTheTowTank' YouTube Channel (tow tank videos) [1]
  • Hydrodynamics testing @ Greg C. Marshall [2]
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