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Narciki (see here) is a free project aimed at providing a reliable resource for naval architects and marine scholars. The name is derived from Naval ARChitect Wiki, highlighting both it's focus and the MediaWiki [1] software on which it runs. Narciki's user base is made up primarily of naval architects. Narciki is hosted, maintained and currently administered by Neely Chaulk & Associates.



Narciki was started in 2009, and has maintained a steady growth pattern since inception.

Similar Projects

To the knowledge of the Narciki population, there exists no comparable resource for topics of naval architecture interest. had a similar project, however it failed to reach a viable capacity and shows no activity at this time. Narciki was begun to fill this void.

Tone Guidelines

As an esoteric project, Narciki is not hemmed in by the requirements to be 'encyclopaedic' (as per Wikipedia). All entries are related to the study of ship design, including tangential topics of general maritime interest. As Narciki matures, it is hoped to develop into a useful resource for those interested or studying the field.


Currently, only the english version exists.

Math Symbology

LaTeX markup can be used to generate mathematical formulae, and charts can be generated through the gchart4mw plugin: See the Narciki:Standards page for links on mark-ups.

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